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We provide flexible, affordable and prompt picture hanging services for commercial and residential installations across the greater Sydney region

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Hangzen Picture Hanging Sydney offers a complete professional picture hanging service throughout the greater Sydney metropolitan area. Our solutions are custom-made to fit your particular specifications and needs, so we do our best to make things easy for you with a free, no obligation on-site measure and quote service.

We provide the following services for both domestic and commercial environments.

  • Hanging pictures and mirrors, large and small
  • Installation of security hanging systems
  • Wall groupings of photos
  • Art exhibitions
  • Specialised placement advice
  • Gallery lighting (Picture Hanging Systems only)

Our Hangzen picture hanging sydney specialists are skilled in a variety of installation techniques and we are equipped with a wide range of gallery grade products to ensure each job is done properly.

We stand behind our installation work with a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind. Let our team of highly skilled professionals do the picture hanging and installation job right the first time and every time. Get in touch with us today by speaking to our friendly team via phone, email or by filling out the simple form on this page.

Picture Hanging System Installation

Have you just moved into a new home? Do you have some new artwork to add to your collection? Well, moving, lifting, hammering, aligning…the headaches of hanging pictures can be never-ending. But now, hanging an artwork has never been easier – with the help of Hangzen Art & Mirror Installation.

Whether you have a priceless artwork or your child’s first framed picture, we will hang it on the wall with love and utmost care! No job is too big or small for our team and we never compromise on the quality of service that we provide. You can expect precise installation for all your projects from our team of experts.

We have a wide range of picture hanging systems to affix your pieces to the wall – from classic hanging methods known as a direct hang service to anti-theft security hanging solutions.

Why use a Picture Hanging System

The traditional picture rail system is a great option if you like to rotate your art collection on a regular basis, introduce new artworks to your display or if you prefer not to have ugly holes in your walls.

Our picture hanging solutions allows you to rearrange your pictures time and time again easily and safely without the use of nails. Some popular locations for the use of picture rail system:

  • Galleries
  • Museums
  • Artist studios
  • Modern homes
  • Shopping malls
  • Exhibitions
  • Showrooms

If you are looking for the best installation and arrangement to enrich the look and feel of your home, office, or business, call Hangzen Picture Hanging Sydney today at 1300 88 36 15.

What can I expect

We come to your location and provide a free measure and quote – no obligation. Our expert will accurately measure your art pieces, show you samples, and discuss the best options to figure out the right picture rail system to quote for and a solution that fulfill your needs.

Our installers are happy to work with individuals and groups to achieve the best solution. We are experts in creating customised installation systems and have many years of experience working directly with art galleries, museums, interior designers, art exhibitions, businesses and residents.

Our team is highly regarded for consistently providing the most meticulous picture hanging and mirror installation service in Sydney. Have our professional picture installers help you with all your picture hanging needs. One piece or many, you can rest assured they will be hung securely and correctly.

Placement Advice

Hanging pictures in the right place is more important than the artwork itself! But determining the right placement of your artwork can often seem intimidating. If you are unsure where to display a piece or if you want to group several artworks together, we can assist you with that decision.

Figuring out where to place and how to hang a picture is an art & science in and of itself. With an average of 9 years experience per installer, we will be able to suggest you the potential locations or layout for your pictures that will help create a cohesive exhibition of your art collection.

Our experts can also give advice on how to hang pictures in difficult to reach areas, awkwardly shaped objects, and large pieces of artwork. We have hung pieces of all different sizes, shapes and weights in a lot of places. Our installers understand how artwork and mirrors relate to architectural elements, furniture and the colour scheme of the room.

We will use our experience to analyse the overall style of the home or office for best placement. We help you hang arts at the correct heights and give advice on picture placement, specifically when to and when not to hang your artwork at eye level.

Ultimately, we are rewarded for achieving precise and aesthetic placement of art and mirrors. Make an online booking now and get your pictures and mirrors hung by the Hangzen team.

Commercial Fitout Services

If you are a builder or fit out specialist planning artwork for your new building, Hangzen is ready to help you with your time-critical installations and complete the project with elegance. Hanging artwork incorrectly is the #1 mistake we see in most of the newly built homes or commercial buildings.

Usually, the artwork is the last item to install before a building project is marked complete. Though some professional trades and specialists are technically capable of hanging a picture, there’s always risk involved during installation, handling or placement.

Examples of these risks include damages to artwork or the print inside the frame, potential failure of hangings/materials, and damage caused by temperature fluctuations of the environment where the picture is hung (we have come across all sorts of issues over the years).

Getting all the above done right the first time or recognising the different needs of handling and installing a delicate masterpiece is a skill-set that comes second nature to us. 100% piece of mind is what we offer from our commercial fit-out services as our installation work comes with a client lifetime guarantee and is fully insured with ample cover. From hanging pictures to creating a collage of art installation, Hangzen has you covered.

Security Hanging

Will the artwork need to be installed in congested places or hallways? Do you need to protect the art from casual theft? Is the item you are trying to hang big or heavy? Do you worry about the safety or security of your beloved art collection?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you likely need to fix the picture with some sort of security hanging system. One of our specialities is the supply and installation of top-grade security hanging products. Using a special locking mechanism, we hang large, small, heavy and light pictures on the wall.

The steel hardware concealed behind the frame secures the artwork to the wall and special tools are required to unlock the hardware and remove the picture. In this way, the artwork cannot be lifted from the hook and the picture rail is also protected.

This security system is used mostly in public areas, shopping centres, pubs, galleries, schools, exhibitions, lifts, or in any high traffic areas. Our security hanging system offers many advantages.

  • Protect pictures that are in danger of being stolen or knocked off from the wall
  • Eliminates tampering with artwork
  • Provides additional safety so your pictures won’t fall If the artworks have to be hung in vulnerable locations such as museums and art exhibitions, it is important to hang them under security hangers.

Likewise, if the art gallery or museum is in an earthquake zone, it is prudent to secure all framed pictures against falling and shock hazards.

At Hangzen, we know what will make the picture hanging more secure, what customised solution your art collection will need, and what will make you happier. We offer the best security hardware products and installation services to ensure your pieces are secured and safe.

How to Book For Our Services

We are the leading providers of professional picture and mirror hanging services for corporate as well as residential customers. When you hire a picture hanging professional, you can rest assured that your artwork and mirrors will be hung securely and properly.

With over 10 years of experience across Australia, our team can handle almost anything – hanging small light pieces to very heavy works and arranging from single artworks/mirrors to entire photo walls and galleries. You can book your Art/Mirror hanging needs online 24/7. Select what you need from the list below then select your preferred installation date and time.

And choose one of the options when making a selection. The largest or heaviest picture or mirror does not exceed 12 kgs or 120cm or The largest or heaviest picture exceeds 12kgs or 120cm To get an estimate, you can also call us on 1300 88 36 15 or send an email request by filling the form below. If you can give us as much information as possible and your preferred date in your initial enquiry, we can provide an idea of cost and availability in our first reply!

Summary of Our Services

Hangzen is Sydney’s number one choice for picture hanging and mirror installation services! We specialize in picture hanging, professional art hanging, family picture groupings, and mirror installation services to both residential and corporate clients in and around Sydney.

In addition to picture hanging services, we are also expert in choosing the right location, heights and environments in which you hang your artwork and pieces. Our team come with experience and the right tools to make sure every job is done properly and help create the perfect display in your living space.

We also provide security hanging services for clients who want to make sure the pictures are securely locked in place, to prevent theft or accidental damage. From single artworks to the whole collection, we have done projects big and small and also created customised solutions for various types of events and locations – business offices, residential homes, art galleries, exhibitions, retail stores, cafes and museums.

Whether you know exactly what you want or have no idea at all and want some expert advice on art and mirror installation, get in touch with us to organise a free measure and quote.

Art & Mirror hanging


  • Family walls
  • Triptych
  • Salon-style
  • Feature walls
  • Picture rail
  • Art hanging in stairwell or high areas
  • Art collections
  • Art exhibitions

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