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Hangzen Picture Hanging Gold Coast is a company dedicated to providing you Professional Art and Mirror Hanging services. We specialise in hanging pieces of any kind, including artwork, mirrors, large or delicate items, framed paintings, and sculptures, with proficiency and professionalism.

No matter the dimensions, we will hang your artwork with the utmost care and attention to detail. You will notice an immaculate precision on every installation done by our expert team. Hangzen determines the best hanging hardware to use based on the dimension of the artwork, location where the picture is installed, and the material the frame is made from.

Whether your project is residential or commercial, simple or advanced, we will ensure the precise placement, perfect arrangement, and secure installation of your items. As part of our free no-obligation measure and quote service, Hangzen can come to your location, discuss the hanging and installation methods of your pictures and mirrors, and provide an expert placement consultation to transform your space.

We have the resources and expertise to create a pleasant atmosphere in your room that you’ll love for years to come. Get in touch with your Gold Coast art hanging specialists today!

Hangzen Picture Hanging Gold Coast Installation team

Our Hangzen Picture Hanging Gold Coast installers have worked all over Australia. This has helped us gain mastery in this industry from the variety they’ve encountered.

They have many years of experience in installing pieces of art and have used various techniques when it comes to installation. Also, at Hangzen we are familiar with up to date supplies and take care of various installations of picture hanging system in Galleries.

Whether it’s 2D pictures or installing a sculpture or assembling various pieces to make an array of works, our Hangzen Picture Hanging Gold Coast installers, led by Jim Fleming, can take care of it for you. Jim is a professional art installer with several years of experience in this field and has worked throughout Australia.

His clients range from single homeowners to large companies and they always trust his technical expertise and vision to help them take their spaces to the next level. In addition, Hangzen Picture Hanging Gold Coast is part of a larger team making it easy for us to scale up with equally experienced professionals as and when installations require it.

Our Brisbane team has often made the journey to the Gold Coast to assist with installations and vice-versa. With this, we can handle your entire collection of works for staged installation, whether you be a private collector or an artist who’s about to install works in an Art Gallery.

To summarize the services we provide within the Gold Coast, take a look at the list below:

  • Art & Mirror hanging
  • Art hanging in stairwell or high areas
  • Hanging Sculptures
  • Family walls
  • Triptych
  • Salon-style
  • Feature walls
  • Picture rail
  • Professional groupings
  • Art exhibitions

Care & safety through experience

At Hangzen professional installation of pictures, mirrors and artwork is our passion. Together with the ability to place artworks in a space that will bring the viewers a different kind of ‘feeling’ are the reasons why we do what we do.

Working with our clients to evoke nostalgia is a very important part of the journey. Moreover, our team at Hangzen Picture Hanging Gold Coast provide installation of artworks keeping in mind the importance of safety and preservation without compromising aesthetics.

In turn, the results are aesthetically pleasing and safely installed artworks. This is because our team always gives first importance to security and safety. After all, no matter how pleasant the installation of the works is if the safety of the people around it is at risk, the whole point of making it pleasing to the eyes is compromised.

Also, mirror installation is one of our specialties. Although mirrors are usually regarded as more of a functional focal point, still this item requires accurate placement. Not only is it important that the placement of the mirror itself, but also the spacing around it.

In most instances, we readjust the furniture around installations to create the best visual experience. Call today for a free estimate! 1300 88 36 15

Placement Advice

A mixture of balance

Installation of works requires clear vision and creativity. At Hangzen Picture Hanging Gold Coast, we strive to bring the best experience to you. With this in mind, we will provide you with placement advice given by a team member specializing in this industry.

Furthermore, we will provide the best installation techniques that our team have drawn from years of experience. What sets Hangzen Picture Hanging Gold Coast apart from the others is our ability to plan the outcome effectively before drilling any holes.

In particular, our team have the skills to do a variety of installation techniques. Through their skills, we can achieve the best results. Furthermore, Hangzen Picture Hanging Gold Coast has developed an eye to perfectly place the right blend of materials.

From the furniture, photos, and paintings that most of us collect over the years, our team will put them in the space that could boost their identity. Because at the end of the day all of these will enrich feelings of nostalgia that make you feel relaxed. These are the results that we wanted to achieve and a reason for the service that we provide.

Why Use Hangzen for Picture Hanging System Installation?

Freedom to rearrange and change the displays

Picture rail was initially designed for Galleries around the world. However, this is now becoming more and more popular as many homes and commercial spaces are using it. The range of picture hanging system products provided by Hangzen is supplied by the best manufacturers from around the world.

And from the trusted relationships we have developed with these suppliers the range available is second to none. We will hang your art collection in a way that it can regularly be rotated and introduce new artworks in a home or commercial space.

A popular application is to display family photos in a way that collects your favourite memories in a way that gives balance and warmth to this often growing collection. Displaying the photographs of your family members in a way that you can rearrange them as you please is a great use of picture rail, hangers and hooks.

This also lends itself to the ability to enliven the environment of shops, cafes, and art galleries. Furthermore, this technique will allow you to restock a given display with another. Whether it is a family display, travel photographs or art collection, you love the idea of having a modern slimline of picture rail incorporated in your home.

Hangzen Picture Hanging Gold Coast will be there to provide a full range of solutions for you. Some popular scenarios for the use of picture rail:

  • Modern homes
  • Heritage listed buildings
  • Retirement living
  • Changing displays such as family walls
  • Galleries and home galleries
  • Artist studios
  • Cafes
  • Shops/Showrooms

No Obligation measure and Quotation

At Hangzen Picture Hanging Gold Coast we offer no obligation measure and quotation services. When we arrive at the location, we will discuss the best option for you and advise the installation that you can opt to have.

Also, we will bring along samples of works to ensure that you are aware of the picture rail system that you are availing of and the scope of the quotation provided.

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After this, you will receive an accurate price estimate for what you need and a confirmation of your appointment. Also, we would love to speak with you over the phone to talk more about your situation.

Art & Mirror hanging


  • Family walls
  • Triptych
  • Salon-style
  • Feature walls
  • Picture rail
  • Art hanging in stairwell or high areas
  • Art collections
  • Art exhibitions

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