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Placement advice


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Thinking outside the box, a clear vision and creativity is needed when planning an installation. Working with our clients to get the best feeling from the display is part of the process. Placement advice is a skill, something that is nurtured over time from years of experience in this specialised industry. Drawing from best practice installation techniques, a variety of situations and the confidence required to achieve the planned outcome first time is something that sets us apart.

Furniture, photos, paintings and picture frames are things that most of us collect over many years and often have very different identities. Though challenging; the process of making this work reaps rewards. You don’t have to have matching frames or mediums, in fact, the right blend of old/new, large/small, oil paintings/photos and hard/soft finishes are an important part of feeling relaxed and should always spark an acute nostalgia.

This is a service that we need to emphasis but is part of everything we do. This is what we are rewarded by achieving.

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