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We provide flexible, affordable and prompt picture hanging services for commercial and residential installations across the greater Melbourne region

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Hangzen offers an obligation free measure and quote for Picture Hanging Melbourne. We have experience in hanging all types of pictures, mirrors, artworks, antiques, special projects, and gallery lighting on just about every kind of wall. We pride ourselves on your professionalism, expertise and the quality of our work.

We know how to arrange items of various sizes, shapes, and weights to create a truly beautiful gallery wall in your home or office. Our experts understand how crucial it is to get your picture hanging perfect first time, that’s why we offer nothing but a superior-quality workmanship and a fast turnaround.

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All installation work is carried out safely, diligently and according to plan utilizing gallery grade products. Because your peace of mind is our top priority, we provide every client with a lifetime warranty for our installation service. For further information and an in-depth description of what we can do for you, including our regional specific work in Australia, check out our blog by clicking the following link: https://hangzen.com.au/ideas/

Picture Hanging System Installation

Hanging a picture has never been easier! Though in some applications this is an old invention, picture rail is becoming more popular in homes & commercial properties alike.

Rearranging the pictures using a picture rail hanging system is as simple as moving the hangers and hooks around. It provides the luxury of rearranging pictures until you find the perfect solution to your display.

Maybe you want to dedicate a wall with nicely framed family pictures, you like to move around the art in your home frequently for a “change of view”, or; you simply like to incorporate slimline picture rail in your house.

Whatever your requirements are, picture rail hanging systems provide a great way to hang your art collection safely, accurately and elegantly. We offer modern versions of picture hanging solutions that are designed for modern home interiors, offices, art galleries and museums.

Our goal

The goal for our installers is to make the picture installation as efficient and hassle-free as possible. From single artworks to the whole collection. Expert installers here at Hangzen present several different hanging methods and ideas to help create a visually stunning display.

The Art & Mirror installation service is popular in Melbourne and after a set process we can determine an estimated cost over the phone. For a residential or commercial installation that requires a picture hanging system we offer a free, no obligation “Measure and Quote”.

We come to your location to accurately measure up for the products and advise the right picture rail system to hang your art collection. We are skilled in a variety of installation techniques (including security hanging) and we have a range of solutions for many different applications.

Feel free to contact us to discuss this and request a free on-site consultation to ensure providing the optimal solution. So call us on 1300 88 36 15 or book online now! We would love to discuss your installation requirements and help you with any queries.

Placement Advice

Hangzen advises clients on art placement. We can give aesthetic advice about the perfect placement of individual items or groupings.

Placement advice is a skill, something that is nurtured and developed from years of experience in this specialized industry. A clear vision, out-of-the-box thinking, and proper planning are needed when carrying out an installation.

Having been in the picture hanging business for several years, we have developed an eye for artwork and we know the territory of installing pieces effectively. Our team of professional picture hanging specialists helps you choose the right locations, heights, and environments to hang your art and mirrors.

Paintings are the most commonly displayed art objects; however, furniture, photographs, and photo frames are other things that most of us collect over many years and often engage many different sense modalities. You don’t need to have matching frames or mediums; in fact, grouping larger/smaller pieces, old/new paintings, and hard/soft finishes help to create interest and energy in the room and bring back a sense of nostalgia.

Every time we arrive at your place we never start hanging until we have gone over every piece of artwork thoroughly and identified the best spots to hang them. Our placement advice is aimed to enhance the beauty of your room and the piece itself.

Security Hanging

Looking to secure picture frames on the wall? Our security hanging hardware provides a locking wall mount system for your treasured artworks. Security hanging is especially useful when placing artwork in public places, high traffic areas, shopping centres, lifts, or in any area where the framed piece may be bumped into.

Using a special locking mechanism, your framed piece will be fastened securely to the wall and a special key is required to unlock and remove them. With security hanging, theft and broken frames are no longer an issue!

Using the correct fixings to support the weight of the art is always a priority not only to make sure the picture doesn’t fall but also to ensure the photo or artwork stays level. We also consider how the pressure, weight distribution and climate changes could affect the picture and its stability over time, so we implement precautionary measures to prevent them negatively affecting the piece.

There is no single, sure-fire way to hang every piece of artwork. Moreover, if the picture or artwork is very heavy, then the sheer weight can present problems. But, there are some great security hardware products available in the market for hanging pictures and depending on the type of collection it can be installed perfectly and preciously by experienced persons.

We bring extensive direct and relevant experience to the table, so you can expect a thorough and professional installation. Put simply, whatever you need hung, we’re right here in Melbourne to help!

How to Book Our Services

Hangzen offers expert picture hanging melbourne wide, wall art hanging, mirror hanging and painting installation services to clients throughout Melbourne area. With experience in both residential and commercial sectors, you can count on us to provide you with high-quality picture hanging solutions.

To book our services, choose a single option or multiple from the list below then choose your preferred installation date! Based on your selections, you will get an accurate price estimate; any likely variables will be discussed in advance.

When doing a selection, use this key: The heaviest or largest picture or mirror does not exceed 12 kgs or 120cm. The heaviest or largest picture exceeds 12kgs or 120cm You can add options such as picture hanging system or picture rail system in the next step.

You can also talk over the phone – our skilled team listen to you carefully, provide a quote instantly and tailor each and every piece of work to your exact requirements. Or send us an email request; please share as much information as possible about your picture hanging requirements. We will contact you shortly with a personalized response and quote to your request.

Commercial Fitout Services

Hangzen has extensive experience working together with building contractors, interior designers, museums, galleries, institutions, and fit-out specialists on art projects, all with one goal in mind: ensuring that the picture hanging & installation work is performed on time and completed with elegance.

Interior fit out specialists are used throughout the building process to manage all facets of the interior design, including furnishings, plumbing installations, desks, woodwork, and electrical and communications fit outs. Practically speaking, some of these specialists are capable of doing art & mirror installation but there is a great degree of risk involved in the process, particularly when dealing with large works or delicate paintings.

Knowing how to handle artwork comes with practice and is a very specialised skill. Risks might include damage due to mishandling, worker negligence; accidental or environmental damage, natural disasters; using inappropriate frame supports or hanging hardware; and hanging artwork at the wrong height or placing art in the wrong surroundings.

So you really need the right expertise to know how to hang it in the correct and safest way. With an average of 9 years experience per installer across our team in picture hanging services, we are able to eliminate the above risks and also ensure the final result matches your vision right down to the finest detail. We stand behind our work with a ‘Client lifetime’ installation guarantee and are backed with up-to-date insurances.

Summary of Our Services

You have invested in valuable artwork, paintings and mirrors and now you’re wondering how to hang them safely… call Hangzen, Australia’s largest professional picture hanging service!

Hangzen offers personalised picture installation and hanging services for both home and office spaces. Our team of friendly installers come to your home or office and help you protect your valuable pictures with our professional art installation service, wherever you are in the Melbourne area.

We supply and install industry-leading picture hanging systems and hang works using professional gallery techniques. Having extensive experience in handling very large artworks and heavy mirrors safely and securely is something we take an enormous amount of care with.

The ability to provide security hanging services for people who want to lock their pictures to the wall to prevent casual theft and tampering is another specialty of ours. We have the ability to work with your commercial fit-out specialist to complete a project within your deadline and will ensure each installation is perfect in every way.

Our expertise extends also to art placement. Let our expert advisors assist you in choosing the right location for your pictures and ensuring that the room’s décor and architecture complement the artwork beautifully. Whether you require hanging single artwork/mirror or setting up large galleries and museums, we are here to help you. Call today for a no-cost, no-obligation measure and quote!

Picture Hanging Melbourne Services:

Picture & Mirror Hanging

  • Family walls
  • Triptych
  • Salon-style
  • Feature walls

Picture Hanging System supply and Installation

  • Picture rail (where appropriate)
  • Art hanging in stairwell or high areas

Placement Advice

  • Art collections


  • Art exhibitions
  • Security

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