Set up, take down & Exhibition panel rental

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Art exhibitions, Museums, Functions, School events are just a few of the regular shows that we can help you with. From hanging and labelling a couple of artworks by a local artist in a foyer to setting up a full exhibition including supplying and installing Exhibition panels, hanging & labelling the art right the way to after the show to take everything down.

The way an exhibition flows can make sure that viewers get to see everything so it is important to allow this to happen freely. Maximising the experience for attendees is a art in itself, it’s not always easy to imagine how this can happen when setting up and it’s not always just a case of where the panels go.

Our installers are happy to work with groups and organisers to get the best out of an exhibition often planning the layout just prior to hanging when all the art is on-site also offering placement advice while hanging.

We love to work with individuals and/or groups to accomplish the best solution.


Some frequent groups that we work with are:

  • Local Art Societies
  • P&C (Parents & Citizens) for School based events
  • Fundraising groups
  • Council and Government
  • Private Enterprise
  • Art Communities
  • Galleries both Private and Public
  • Corporate events
  • Private functions


We usually get overbooked, whenever some major sports game happens.

Being aware of that, please book the tables on those days in advance!

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