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Hangzen Art & Mirror Installation at its core is a specialised picture hanging service that is focused on professional art installation with experienced placement advice.

Where did we come from?

Hangzen Art & Mirror Installation was born as a way to build on many years of installing Art & Mirrors along side Picture Rail systems, Rugs (wall hangings) & sculptures for clients. The business started in four main locations; Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Brisbane.

A fellowship of specialised art installers

Along with a highly dedicated team and the willingness to work with our clients to build a lasting relationship based on trust and confidence, we strive for the moment at the end of each installation when a client is over the moon with their project. Often the Artwork we hang marks a particular moment in their lives and this needs to be considered along with the zoning and surrounding décor. We have found that when we do this it reveals the true meaning of the display. Part of our process is to discuss the story behind a piece we are hanging to make sure we’re doing the piece’s significance justice. This relates to a single painting, family wall display or even sometimes a mirror.

What we stand for

For team members, being part of Hangzen Art & Mirror Installation means we value the clients goals and feel so lucky to work in this beautiful industry. It really is the most rewarding role of every project; being the last professional in to complete a renovation, new build or even to fit out a commercial building, after the painters, after the carpet fitters, just after you’ve moved in. But with this role comes an enormous amount of responsibility and we know that this is not something that can be rushed, getting things right is a result from experience, shared input and patience and is something that not everyone can do.

How we give 100%

The administration of each project is managed through a central point which means our installers are uninterrupted, thus, the installers are able to take the time needed to concentrate when performing installations as well as the free measure and quotes that we schedule in.

Referrals make up a large part of our new client enquiries and we are very grateful for every one.

Meet our team

At Hangzen Art & Mirror Installation we know we’ve got the best, with an average of 9 years experience per installer. We’ve hung a lot of pictures in a lot of places, all different shapes, sizes and weights. We take pride in our vast knowledge of this industry and we never compromise on the quality of the service that we provide.

While there are many respected picture hanging professionals in Australia we proudly offer a client lifetime guarantee on all installation work and are fully insured with ample cover for most installations. The ability to up the value if need be for special projects is something we have factored into our partnership with a specialist insurance broker.

What makes us different

Hangzen Art & Mirror Installation specialists or ‘Zennies’ are definitely famous for their reflective spirit and the ability to set the desired mood and atmosphere in any living space be it at home, at the office or anywhere in between.

While we are not the cheapest option for this service we guarantee the value you’ll receive. Our collective knowledge is shared within the company on a regular basis with the aim to upskill the entire team and share our existing knowledge with new team members as the company scales organically into new regions. This is not the normal approach and is something we’re proud of. Keeping the quality of internal communication even though we’re sometimes thousands of kms apart is part of what sustainably grows our reach interstate… This is one of the reasons national businesses keep using our services with confidence!


The Hangzen Art & Mirror Installation team consists of many people, all of whom do their part in contributing to our success! So whether they are part of the installation team, admin team or Marketing team, we are all about making each single feature of our brand stand out and be remembered!


Klaus Muller

Klaus Muller

Sydney Installer

Klaus is a stickler for detail, takes an enormous amount of pride in his work and has 30 years experience in hands on art handling… Read more

Carlos Martinho

Carlos Martinho

Brisbane Installation Manager

Carlos is extremely adaptable and based on the diversity of his work has proven over many years with us that he is a very valuable part of our team. He brings a confidence to every installation that resounds within the feedback we receive from customers… Read more

Martin Brown

Martin Brown

Melbourne Installer

Martin has a very strong sense of customer service, practical ability, vast knowledge of how to arrange Artwork, Mirrors that work together in a space and is great to work with to get the outcome you want. Martin’s previous experience with Engineering, Customer service and Art handling is an exciting mix. He has an ability to provide experience to our clients that completes their intention with an understanding of the vision. Understanding that placement is an extremely important part of the installation… Read more

Gus Clutterbuck

Gus Clutterbuck

Adelaide installer

Gus is a very talented international artist himself. Working as a ceramicist and exhibiting around Australia and the world. We are lucky enough to have Gus installing for us in the Adelaide region where he lives and love the way he brings an honest, creative method to his installation service… Read more

Simon ?uciow

Simon ?uciow

Geelong region installer

Simon has more than 30 years experience with exhibitions, museums & artworks in both Australia and the USA.
He has installed artworks at Mona, Arts Centre Melbourne and many exhibitions at the Grainger Museum, Noel Shaw Gallery and Old Treasury Museum… Read more

Jim Fleming

Jim Fleming

Gold Coast installer

After finishing his apprenticeship as a builder Jim made his first leap into the arts world at age 22.
Moving from New Zealand to Australia then onto Europe to work in the fashion industry.
It was during this time his love of design, detail, composition and finesse was developed. Read more

Luke Norman

Luke Norman

Sunshine Coast Region Installer

Luke’s experience over the last 17 years has primarily been in art installation. Originally from the UK and based south of London, Luke has installed for many private art collectors, Galleries in London, Wales, Scotland, France and now of course in South East Queensland… Read more

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