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You want to hang pictures safely. Choosing Hangzen Art & Mirror Installation services is always a good decision that guarantees on workmanship, installation, products, and satisfaction. Realise the true potential of your art with our Adelaide picture hanging service!


We pride ourselves on our expertise – gained over many years and thousands of installations – of managing some fantastic projects varying from domestic displays through to visual arts in organizations of every type and size. We offer museum quality installation services for both residential and commercial clients.

Hangzen is more than happy to offer a free measure and quote service for the Greater Adelaide area. Just contact our toll-free number 1300 88 36 15 and ask for a free in-home consultation.

We can provide you with an accurate quote and custom-tailored solutions for services including picture hanging, wall-art hanging, mirror hanging, specialized placement advice, and lighting for art galleries and exhibitions.

Our team of professional installers will choose the right location, carefully organize your pictures and hang them perfectly every single time. And you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a lifetime warranty on installation work and services provided.

Industry grade products and advanced installation techniques enable us to install your artwork safely and securely. This makes Hangzen the most requested art installation firm in the Adelaide region.

Picture Hanging System Installation

You have bought a fantastic piece of art. Now the question arises:

• Where and how to hang it?
• How high should you hang pictures on the wall?
• How to prevent your wall art from crashing to the ground?

These concerns can make hanging artworks a stressful experience. Also, it can quickly end your joy of purchasing the new piece of art. Fine art hanging is about more than just hammering the nail into the wall and making sure the art is sitting straight.

Paintings and mirrors are invariably heavier than you think. The weight of your piece will determine what tool and technique you will use to attach it to the wall.

That’s where Hangzen comes in.

Depending on the size and nature of the piece, we give a choice of picture hanging systems that work well with your walls and complement the rest of your room décor. Your choice will depend on what matters most to you. We have the expertise necessary to tackle complex installation projects that require utmost precision and care.

Picture Rail System

Originally designed for use on plaster walls to hang artworks, picture rail is still super-useful and becoming more popular nowadays in both domestic and commercial applications. The picture rail has been a favourite choice for museums and galleries throughout the world. A picture hanging system can make the relocation of the artwork both in height and position on the wall surprisingly simple.

A picture rail is a beautiful option if you love to switch things around, introduce new artworks regularly or wish to rearrange your art collection without worrying about damaging your walls with multiple nail-holes.

The systems we offer are ideal for both residential and commercial use. Their unique and simple designs make the hanging of pictures a breeze. Furthermore, we have identified and developed special solutions for many different applications and purposes. So please get in touch with us today to discuss this and request for a free onsite measure and quote.

Security Picture Hanging

When your artworks have to be hung in vulnerable locations, such as art galleries and exhibitions, they could be subject to grab-and-run theft. So, in order to inhibit or prevent opportunistic theft, it is important to hang them from security hangers.

Likewise, if you want to hang your art in a high-traffic commercial space or home with children, security hanging is the way to go.

Hangzen offers security hanging hardware that locks pictures to the wall. This hardware will prevent someone from lifting the picture and walking away with it. It also supports and protects the picture from falling off the wall if somebody bumps into it.

We hang pictures, heavy or small, with special locking mechanisms. It can be removed from the wall only by using a security key that unlocks the hardware. The products we use have been designed and tested for optimal art security. In this way, you can protect your precious artwork from theft, earthquake, and accidents. We also have extensive experience in installing heavy mirrors safely and securely.

Security installations are highly recommended in:

• Public spaces
• Kid’s room
• Offices
• Shopping centers
• Art exhibitions
• Lifts

In addition to the security hangers, there are numerous safety and security hanging systems available in the market. They come in various sizes and adjustable designs for different weight limits.

Our professional installers ensure that the chosen security picture hanging hardware meets specifications for weight, wall type, stability and disaster mitigation. We guarantee the desired end result by choosing the right hanging hardware for your specific needs.

Call today for a no-cost, no-obligation quote – 1300 88 36 15

Placement Advice

Wall art can bring life to a room when it is hanged at the right place in your home. Beautifully arranged and properly hung, the artwork will provide a calm backdrop or make the room feel fresh and revived.

Unfortunately, most people struggle immensely choosing the right location for the picture to create an atmosphere which fits their personality or the exact ambience they wish for in the room.

That’s where we can make a difference!

Apart from handling installation with great finesse, Hangzen also provides advice on art placement. Whether you’re looking to hang a collection of pictures or one piece of art in the perfect spot, our professional installers will help you do it right the first time.

Hangzen offers placement advice for fine art, pictures, paintings, framed mirrors and other wall-hanging decors. With many years of experience and an artist’s eye, our professional team can give expert advice on where to locate your fine art or mirror. If you have an array of antique artwork, we group them by arranging symmetrical or asymmetrical, static or dynamic, to create an effect that is visually cohesive and stylish.

The surrounding environment and humidity can affect the structural components of a painting. Likewise, glare from framed art glasses can be a concern for many art lovers. So, it is important to place pictures only in areas with minimal environmental fluctuations and light exposure.

When you call Hangzen, you know that you don’t have to worry about these issues anymore. In addition to heat and humidity, we take measures to prevent any direct reflection of a light source on the surface of the artwork.

So, contact us today to avail the number one Adelaide Picture Hanging service.

Commercial Fitout Services

We have the proven track record in completing commercial installations to the highest quality, on time and within budget. Our team works with your builder or fit-out specialist to find the right solution, look, tools and installation process for your project.

From our extensive commercial experience, we can provide the knowledge and advice to help you use fine art as a medium to tie all the elements of a room together. The solutions are tailor-made to ensure each fit out is completed according to your business style and requirements.

The large, heavy, antique, or high-value artwork has to be hung carefully and correctly. Some professional trades are technically capable of doing art installation. But, they often overlook the risks involved while handling and hanging each piece according to its specific needs.

Some of the major causes of damage to the art include: careless handling, insecure installation, negligence, improper environment, and poor framing. Inappropriate methods of storage and display could contribute to more structural damage.

We understand the unique challenges when carrying out the installation work for commercial use. The wealth of experience we have gained over the years enables us to offer a service that is seamless from start to finish.  Many residential, corporate clients, and art galleries in the Adelaide area use our services regularly.

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Summary of Our Services

Hangzen is the leading picture hanging service for Adelaide and the surrounding metropolitan area. Our expert team of friendly installers will take care of all your picture hanging and art installation needs. Our goal is to ensure that all works are hung securely, accurately and in relation to the décor.

Backed by years of installation experience, we are equipped to hang & install anything and you can expect the perfect display in your home or commercial space.

When theft is a concern, we have security hanging systems that secure the artwork firmly to the wall surface. Only a special key can unlock this system. By this way, you can prevent unwanted removal or theft of your valuable artwork.

If you are unsure where to display a piece, contact us and we can help! Hangzen team first identifies the perfect location or layout for your art. Then, we will hang your pictures in such a way that it will be displayed to look its best. We can also give placement advice on associated issues such as lighting, relative humidity and temperature.

No job is too large or too small for Hangzen! Whether you’re looking to install a large art collection for your organization or a single painting in a home surrounding, we will send out our professional installers to help you.

Adelaide Picture Hanging


  • Family walls
  • Triptych
  • Salon-style
  • Feature walls
  • Picture rail
  • Hanging pictures in a stairwell or high access areas
  • Art collections & Exhibitions

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