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Security hanging


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Understanding what security really means when it comes to choosing the right company to use for this is extremely important. We hang large, small, heavy and light pictures using locking mechanisms which actually require a key to remove them from the wall.

Allowing ample support for the weight of a picture is always a priority not only to make sure the picture doesn’t fall but to consider how pressures, weight distribution and climates may affect the picture and it’s structure over time is an imperative part of the process. To the untrained professional all of the above is often overlooked for the sake of security.

At HangZen we know that as with much of what we do, there is a balance to this. There are some really great security products on the market for hanging art and depending on the risk involved it can be done well by some professional trades. When the risk outweighs the doubt we bring our experience to deliver a thorough installation.

Security should always look good and last forever!


Some popular situations where security is needed:

  • Public areas in commercial buildings (usually unsupervised)
  • Pubs
  • Shopping centres
  • Lifts
  • Apartment blocks (Body corp)
  • Exhibitions

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